Poor Posture Negatively Influences Autonomic Function

Posture influences so many aspects of life, health and performance. Research even shows that proper posture uniquely and positively influences the effectiveness of communication. Some experts believe that people equate good posture with confidence and the ability to protect. The company and presence of such people breeds trust and credibility.

Texting, smartphone usage, computer focused jobs, and sitting at a desk represent a few of the stressors that negatively influence posture. Sedentary living, sitting at work, and technology use infect society more now than at any time in history. Estimates show that some teenagers spend up to 5000 hours on a smartphone or device every year. The damaging combination of sitting and technology produce dramatic consequences.

New research from 2020 shows that poor posture negatively influences sensory motor and autonomic functions. This means that poor posture between the head and shoulders interrupts proper muscle control and autonomic nervous system functions.
Heart rate, pulse, respiration, digestion, reproduction, and immunity comprise a few examples of autonomic nervous system functions. Posture directly influences autonomic function and interferes with the body’s ability to maintain appropriate muscle and motor balance. The medical community tends to address the effects of pain and dysfunction created by poor posture through medications or surgery. The bigger issue remains the need for correction rather than sedation of pain.

Chiropractors help improve the health of the spine and posture for people of all ages and walks of life. The value and importance of Chiropractic care began skyrocketing with the invention of smartphones and a reliance on computers in both the workplace and home. New research from 2020 evaluated the relationship between head and shoulder positioning and their effect on human health. Findings revealed that forward head posture negatively affects neck sensorimotor control and autonomic nervous system function. The simple assessment determined that a head resting in any forward position dramatically damages body function. The results of the study point out the significance of posture as it relates to organ health and control.

Chiropractic care focuses on improving the structure and function of the spine through improved posture. The single most significant influence of poor posture on function stems from head position on the spine. Forward head position in 15-degree intervals creates exponential long-term damage. As the head extends forward, the spine loses proper position, neck joints degenerate more rapidly, and autonomic organ function deteriorates.

One of the most important recommendations for anyone working a desk job or spending large amounts of time on a computer or phone involves regular and consistent Chiropractic care. The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment does not involve the specific treatment of isolated pain. Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress in the spine and removing interference from the nervous system. Whole body health improves through optimized autonomic nervous system function. Proper posture allows the body to maximize innate potential. Chiropractic care will continue to become more and more popular as studies reveal the value of adjustments far beyond pain relief. Technology advances society yet damages the priceless possession of health. Chiropractic provides the solution to a healthier tomorrow free from drugs and surgery.

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