$3 Million P.E.T. Scan Shows Significant Brain Changes after Chiropractic Adjustment

March_2020_NEWS__3_Million_P.E.T._Scan_Shows_Significant_Brain_Changes_after_Chiropractic_AdjustmentThe benefits of Chiropractic adjustments extend far beyond neck and back pain relief.

Chiropractic adjustments improve healing to areas of the body seemingly unrelated to the spine. Science explains the connection. The spine intimately connects to the central nervous system. Alignment and movement of the spine provides necessary nutrients to the brain through tiny neurons that surround the joints and small tissue around the spine. Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress from the nervous system by improving the alignment and movement of spinal segments.

March_2020_NEWS__3_Million_P.E.T._Scan_Shows_Significant_Brain_Changes_after_Chiropractic_AdjustmentScientific research proves a link between Chiropractic adjustments and improved sleep, better digestion, changes in fertility, stronger immunity, better breathing, improved attention and concentration, and so much more. Millions of Chiropractic patients experience a variety of benefits with regular adjustments. Chiropractors do not pursue the treatment of one specific ailment. Adjustments remove interference from the brain and central nervous system to allow the body to function as intended. Healing benefits manifest as an outcome.

Skeptics often ask for evidence-based trials and research when discussing the benefits of Chiropractic care. Over 120 years of healthy patients testify to healing which originated within the central nervous system. The last twenty years produced overwhelming amounts of clinical understanding that explain the mechanisms involved in the brain’s immense power to influence the body following an adjustment.

Research from 2017 provided insight into the profound effects a Chiropractic adjustment can have on the brain, nervous system function, and whole-body health. Using a $3 million P.E.T. (Positron Emission Tomography) scan, researchers measured brain and nervous system activity before and after an adjustment. Every aspect of measured brain function improved in the participating subjects. Changes in specific biomarkers were also found, indicating improvements in autonomic nervous system health. Autonomic health includes functions which occur in the body automatically without conscious direction. Functions include heart rate, breathing, hormone balance, blood pressure, fertility, sleep, immunity, and so on. Chiropractic influences the brain and central nervous system and directly affects autonomic controls.

Building Chiropractic evidence already exists in a contemporary world in which conventional medical research and care looks for ways to improve nervous system function. Electroceuticals represent a new category of therapeutic agents that act by targeting the neural circuits of organs. The therapy involves mapping the neural circuitry and delivering neural impulses to these specific targets. The impulse occurs through an implantable device.

Advanced medical care will continue to involve nervous system health. The irony exists that modern medicine fervently pursues a means to improve health potential that already exists within the body. Chiropractors paved this avenue over 120 years ago. The body contains the tremendous potential to perform, heal, and operate if given freedom and access to optimal communication. The medical community sees a future involving electronic devices and invasive procedures. Chiropractors continue to use the latest science to help people experience health and healing through safe, effective nervous system care.

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