Dr. Aldridge with Aldridge Family Chiropractic in Lehi shows a video of him adjusting

At first, Dr. Aldridge checks the leg length, then feels the lower back to decide which way to have the patient turn in order to adjust the hips and lower back. Next he adjusts the neck. He then adjusts the upper back and goes out from the back to check the ribs and adjusts the left side. He then has her sit at the end of the table, he lifts the table up, then adjusts the lower back or thoracolumbar area. He then does a technique for the neck that mobilizes it some more, he may do that with people how are afraid of the traditional adjustment or when the neck is so stiff. He then explains what causes the popping and cracking. The popping & cracking sound is a vacuum effect of gas when the bone is moved. The adjust takes the bone to its end range of motion and then goes a little futher and that improves range of motion, muscle spasm and breaks up degeneration. We hope this helps your understanding. If you have any questions or would like a free consultation give us a call at 801-471-4962.

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