If You Or Your Child Suffer From Scoliosis, You Must Read What These Studies Reveal

If You Or Your Child Suffer From Scoliosis, You Must Read What These Studies RevealScoliosis is an aggravating condition.

There’s stiffness, pain and oftentimes a deformed posture.

Many scoliosis patients have been told they only have three choices – to do nothing, bracing, or surgery.

Bracing is often recommended by medical practitioners in the early stages of scoliosis.

But one study conducted at the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Iowa compared bracing to non-bracing. And no difference was noticed in the Surgery rates (Spine 2007).

This means that bracing was of no help to these scoliosis patients. Their scoliosis curvature advanced at the same rate as those who did nothing.

Studies have also shown that patients felt bracing handicapped their life and left a psychological scar.

Surgery Is Not The Only Option
Scoliosis surgery involves implanting metal rods and screws to straighten the spine.
However, numerous studies have shown that multiple complications, including rusting and corrosion, bending, or breaking completely, prove this method dangerous.

Many sufferers who had rods implanted, end up later undergoing surgery to have them removed.

In addition, thousands of post-surgery scoliosis patients are legally declared permanently disabled every year. Follow up x-rays on other cases have shown that scoliosis can even return years after the operation.

A Less Invasive Treatment Can Help
My name is Dr. Mark Aldridge, owner of Aldridge Family Chiropractic. Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of scoliosis patients feel better, get rid of their back pain and return to an active lifestyle.

Chiropractic has a long record of successfully helping people with scoliosis.
A study published in a scientific journal (JMPT 2001) showed an actual decrease in the scoliosis curvature of patients that underwent chiropractic care.

The head of the study, Dr. Charles Lantz, DC, PhD stated…
“Chiropractic appears to offer a distinct advantage in the management and monitoring of early-stage scoliosis.”
The most useful part of this study was that the sooner a child underwent treatment, the better the change in the curvature.

Another study showed that “the combined use of spinal manipulation [chiropractic care] and postural therapy appeared to significantly reduce the severity of the Cobb angle in all 19 subjects.” (BMC Muscoloskeletal Disorders 2004)
Could This Treatment
Help You (or Your Child’s) Scoliosis?

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Dr. Mark Aldridge, D.C.

P.S. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because you (or your child’s) back hurts-and the pain just won’t go away!

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