Why athletes and the elderly benefit from the same chiropractic adjustments

Every athlete looks for and works towards an advantage that will improve performance. Chiropractic care offers a tremendous edge. The same reasons that chiropractic adjustments help athletes perform better also serve to improve life quality for people of advanced age. Recent research shows that chiropractic adjustments improve strength, endurance, and balance while reducing pain in the body.

Athletes train hard to perform better in competition. Research published in 2020 revealed that those under chiropractic care exhibited improved strength and endurance as well as reduced low back pain intensity and disability compared with those not receiving adjustments. This data builds upon over a hundred years of evidence that proves what chiropractors see and hear on a regular basis. Findings like these also explain why almost all elite-level Olympic and professional athletes utilize chiropractic as part of their training and rehab regiment.

Elderly individuals represent another group of people who deserve to experience greater strength, endurance, and balance. Approximately 300,000 Americans are hospitalized every year after fracturing hips during a fall. A broken hip suffered by someone of advanced age rarely heals properly and most find that life does not easily return to normal. Many experience health that declines to the point of being disabled. Statistics show that 87-96% of people who suffer from hip fractures are over 65 years of age. Those injuries often lead to hip surgery and a significant decline in independence.

Chiropractic adjustments gently increase mobility and alignment of spinal vertebrae. The brain receives important signals from the spine that keep the body healthy and strong. Proper alignment and mobility of spinal bones allow the brain to communicate with muscles, organs, and tissues in a more harmonious way. The spine plays a role in all body health and functions because of an intimate relationship between the brain and central nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments help so many aspects of health and human performance. A properly aligned body unlocks tremendous power to heal and restore a variety of symptoms, conditions, and performance.

Athletes and weekend warriors mirror the hopes of those advancing in age. All want to live their best life and experience freedom and vitality. Chiropractic care plays an important role in maximizing strength, endurance, and balance while reducing pain. That outcome occurs without the use of drugs or surgery. Make chiropractic part of every health care plan in 2021.
Why Athletes and the Elderly Benefit from the Same Chiropractic Adjustments.

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