Chiropractic Offers Help and Hope as Stress Levels Soar

2020 concluded as one of the most stressful years in history. Statistics reflect the damage and fallout from lives lived in a sea of stress. A Gallup poll determined that 79% of people experienced stress sometimes or frequently throughout their day. That poll was taken before the pandemic even began! Now cities are experiencing massive increases in stress data that reflect a tragic suicide increase of over 40% from 2019 to 2020. People conducting their daily routines amidst feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry need to be addressed with a healthy and hope-filled solution.

Stress kills people. Reports estimate that two-thirds of doctor visits connect to a stress-causing issue. Stress also contributes to deadly chronic diseases like heart disease and heart attacks. Stress presents a significant health challenge that every person must consider. A smart, proactive health decision includes seeking a lifestyle that regularly builds resilience to better adapt to stress.

Many proven lifestyle modifications help the body adapt and cope with stress. Rhythmic breathing, consistent exercise, and good nutrition provide excellent choices to help counteract the
impact of stress. One of the best and most effective stress-relieving interventions available comes from regular spinal adjustments. The spine engages in a unique and intimate relationship with the central nervous system. The central nervous system filters various stressors for harmful effects. Individuals react to stress differently. One person might withstand high amounts of stress yet not experience any significant health challenges or symptoms. Another person may encounter lower amounts of stressors but exhibit greater levels of pain, dysfunction, or disease. The brain and nervous system provide the filter that screens all stress. The intimate connection between the spine and the central nervous system means that optimal function of the spine provides tremendous potential for stress relief and better overall health.

If the spine becomes slightly altered in its alignment and movement, the function of the nervous system becomes compromised. This creates less ability for the body to safely filter out the effects of stress. Chiropractic does not avoid or reduce stress. Chiropractic focuses on helping a person better adapt by making the body more resilient. Research from 2014 proved a direct link between a spinal adjustment and a reduction in stress hormones. Chiropractic reduces unwanted stress built up in the spine and nervous system and balances hormones by restoring proper function to the entire body. Chiropractic does not resolve the presence of stress in a person’s life but does provide a drug-free solution that strengthens the body’s resilience. Make 2021 a year of vitality and peace by making chiropractic part of every family’s proactive health plan.

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