Chiropractic Recommended for All Car Accidents Above 5 MPH

Motor vehicle accidents occur every day. Even accidents occurring at low speeds create moderate to severe spinal injury and damage. A study from 2006 evaluated the risk of low speed and low impact collisions. A crash at speeds of just 5.97 MPH resulted in symptoms of strains and headaches. The results encouraged doctors and health professionals to call attention to a better understanding of how to care for those who experience any type of motor vehicle accident.

Pain typically surfaces as the last part of the injury process, usually after the problem has been present in the body for days or months. Pain usually tends to be the first thing to resolve after a treatment is rendered. The presence or absence of pain does not represent a good indication that an underlying problem exists or is resolved. Understanding the quality, duration, and cause of pain represents one of the biggest challenges facing doctors today. Most people believe that an absence of pain equates to an absence of health problems. The truth remains that many conditions initially present in the body with no signs or symptoms of pain or discomfort. A few examples include high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and cavities. Spinal injuries and tissue damage can also occur without the immediate onset of pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care provides the best approach to treating injuries after a car accident or as a proactive measure against unhealthy conditions that culminate over time.

Sports injuries, playground falls, and birth trauma directly influence current and future spine and nervous system health in children and adults. No accident should be ignored when proactive actions can ensure better health and healing. All children and adults’ benefit from seeking practitioners who can administer proper postaccident evaluations to ensure that the appropriate diagnosis and treatment occurs. Chiropractors educate about the need to be proactive about body health to combat silent problems that often go overlooked until the late stages of the disease. These problems cannot be resolved effectively if only addressed when the final stages of pain begin to surface. Chiropractors do not rely on pain or symptoms to determine the need or course of care. Chiropractors focus on achieving optimal and maximized function within the body every moment of every day.

Most children and adults experience a variety of physical trauma or collisions that occur naturally, but still, injure and damage the structure and function of the spine. Spinal problems influence so many other aspects of health and function in the body because the spine intimately influences the brain and central nervous system.

Low impact accidents represent a classification of trauma often considered menial and unimportant. The research disagrees. Even the most minor or low-speed accidents produce significant short- and long-term consequences. Children and adults’ benefit from ongoing regular chiropractic checkups and appropriate adjustments throughout life. Proactive care offers the best long-term plan on the market!

Chiropractic Recommended for All Car Accidents Above 5 MPH Research finds Whiplash in Low-Speed Collisions

Personal Injury Law Journal September 2006 “Putting the 5 MPH Injury Threshold to the Test.” Henderson, Brian

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