Study Reveals Spinal Surgery Does Not Prove Effective

Vehicle alignment depends largely on the durability of tires working in tandem with the structure and function of the axle. Unbalanced alignment contributes to an eventual breakdown due to the asymmetrical stress load eroding at the structure. The rate and symmetry of breakdown depends on alignment. This same principle occurs with the human spine.

The spine consists of 24 hard bones called vertebrae. 23 of these bones maintain space from one another through the presence of intervertebral discs. Intervertebral discs are specifically designed to separate the bones and protect the elements that exist between each bone. These essential elements include spinal nerves and blood vessels. Spinal nerves extend off the spinal cord at each level of the spine and transverse through a disc-sized hole created by the space between each bone. The spinal nerve relays life-giving information from the brain to the entire body to keep a person alive and well.

The intervertebral discs serve an essential purpose. These buffers are comprised of 70% water and 30% soft tissue and provide shock absorption that cushion stress created in the spine from moving, jumping, and bending. Better alignment means better protection and function.

Abnormal movement or alignment of a spinal vertebra leads to minor asymmetries in the spine that increase rates of disc degeneration and arthritis. Small spinal misalignments, known as subluxations, also increase tension and interference in the nervous system. Interference in the nervous system puts the body into a state of dysfunction, eventually leading to a deterioration of health and the increased risk of symptoms and disease.

Studies show that small asymmetries in the spine and discs create health problems that lead to pain and disease. Research determined that asymmetric distribution of herniated discs attributed to altered mechanical load. Patients with herniated lumbar discs often underwent surgery at the recommendation of their physician. Continued research determined an unfortunate correlation that many people with disc problems fail to experience health improvement following spinal surgeries. Even surgeries deemed successful that go as planned do not remedy persistent pain and health problems.

Well-known athletes and coaches often have access to the finest health professionals and surgeons in the world. The world champion head coach of the Golden State Warriors experienced a spinal surgery that rendered him completely unable to function for months due to the pain and disability experienced following spinal surgeries to address disc problems. Steve Kerr publicly advised all listeners to avoid back surgery at all costs.

The healthiest long-term approach to treating spinal asymmetry problems begins with improving movement and strength. Chiropractors address spinal asymmetries and help those with chronic spinal pain through gentle, corrective adjustments and specific lifestyle care recommendations. No vehicle has more value than the one each person lives in. Optimal maintenance comes from chiropractic.

Asian Journal of Neurosurgery
April-June 2017
“Neglected knowledge: Asymmetric features of lumbar disc disease.”
Ayhan Kanat, Ugur Yazar, Bulent Ozdemir, Hizir Kazdal, and Mehmet Sabri Balik

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