Abnormal Posture and Spinal Misalignment Increases Degeneration

Proper alignment of every axle on an automobile prevents abnormal wear and tear on the tires. The human spine operates very similarly. The pads located between each spinal bone consist of soft tissue. Abnormal alignment breaks down the soft tissue. The pads are called intervertebral discs and consist of cartilage and water. Seventy percent of the discs in between each spinal bone are made of water. This composition creates greater mobility and cushion. The softer tissue and water in the disc require proper alignment to sustain durability and longevity.

Research shows that abnormal postural and spinal alignment increases the risk and progression of spinal degeneration. A study from 2017 showed that asymmetrical distribution of loads on the spine caused greater rates of joint and disc degeneration.

Abnormal Posture and Spinal Misalignment Increases DegenerationChiropractic adjustments improve the alignment and movement of the spine and decrease the risk and progression of spinal joint and disc degeneration. The spine’s intimate connection with the central nervous system means that each healthy adjustment improves the brain’s ability to receive and send appropriate messages to all organs, cells, and tissues. People of all ages experience pain relief, greater mobility, and the prevention of spinal joint degeneration with regular spinal care. Chiropractic adjustments improve the alignment and movement in the spine to unlock
increased levels of health and wellness throughout the body.

Low back pain will affect more than eighty percent of people at some point in their lives. More than fifty percent of adults over the age of 55 exhibit disc degeneration. Many have no signs or symptoms of advanced degeneration. By the time pain signals begin to announce the presence of disc problems, the body will no longer be able to reverse advanced damage. The benefits of chiropractic extend far beyond pain relief. Proactive maintenance of the essential tissues in the spine allows healthy and pain-free living for aging adults. Research continues to prove the positive influence of just one single session of chiropractic on overall health, strength, and function. Improving spinal mobility, maximizing nervous system health, and lowering the risk of spinal degeneration represent just a few of the benefits driving more parents and families to chiropractors every week. Doctors and health practitioners also continue to recommend chiropractic due to research, results, and an overall desire for a non-invasive drugless approach to better living. Taking care of the body now means the body can take care of the person later in life.

More and more people continue to pursue proactive health care with chiropractic.

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