The Powerful Role of Chiropractic on Children’s Health

Children under chiropractic care report greater focus, better function, and healthier development. An example of the connection between chiropractic, the brain, and mental health took place in 1931. A group of 244 adolescent boys in the state of Kentucky were incarcerated because of criminal or behavioral problems. Documentation shows that almost 100 percent of them showed improvement in conduct following a routine of chiropractic care. 144 of the 244 boys were determined to be fit for parole soon after receiving regular Chiropractic care.

The explanation proves simple in groups of struggling boys and seemingly health groups of kids today. An intimate connection exists between the spine, the brain, and the central nervous system. The health of the spine directly influences the health and function of the entire body. Children under chiropractic care report improvement in many different symptoms, health conditions, and performance goals in school and activities as a result of spinal adjustments.

One in every four children in the United States currently takes a prescription drug for a chronic problem. In other words, twenty-five percent of all children currently take a prescription drug for a problem with no end in sight. These children receive no deadline for getting off of the medication and become influenced by a belief that health involves taking drugs and pills. Hope for future generations exists by first recognizing that the human body is the most complex and sophisticated organism in the world. The body was designed to be healthy and well, with the inner workings of normal human physiology resembling the world’s greatest doctor and pharmacy.

Any health strategy that seeks to respect the body’s innate healing has shown to achieve the greatest long-term results. Chiropractic represents an essential example. Research from 2016 showed that Chiropractic adjustments changed the pre-frontal cortex in the brain. The pre-frontal cortex bears responsibility for all executive function. Focus control, concentration, learning, and personality all receive direct influence from the pre-frontal cortex. The study showed that a chiropractic adjustment improved the pre-frontal cortex in patients by greater than 20%.

One of the greatest advantages any parent can give their child heading into a new school year comes in the form of healthy brain-to-body communication through specific chiropractic care. Immeasurable benefits result for children under chiropractic. Advantages such as improved sleep, better energy, increased immunity, focus, and concentration serve as some of the many positive outcomes attained through chiropractic. The function inside the amazing human body deserves all the credit. Chiropractic simply removes interference from the master control system by locating and correcting spinal subluxations that interfere with normal nervous system function. A true and often-used slogan in many Chiropractic offices states that “Families who get adjusted together….grow stronger and healthier together!” Start the new school year with chiropractic.

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