Back to School: Attention, Learning, & Processing Issues Helped with Chiropractic

Research shows children with learning, attention, and processing disorders experience a common brain and nervous system problem that traces back to the spine. Correcting the spine and nervous system seizes one of the biggest opportunities available to help children fully recover and prevent life-long chemical dependencies. Chiropractic plays a significant role in uniquely helping children reach their health potential by maximizing one of the most important nutrients used by the brain.

Attention problems in children originate with many different causes. A lack of attention-deficit drugs in the body is not one of them, yet more than ten million children suffer with attention and learning problems significant enough that they rely on dangerous drugs to calm their brains. Those drugs do not address, heal, or correct the issue. Many experts, researchers, doctors, teachers, and parents continue to populate a society that understands the cause of attention and learning problems involves much more than one solitary culprit.

The cause is multifactorial. This means more than one issue creates the challenges leading to the diagnosis. One common factor in all people with attention problems traces back to the brain. ADHD, sensory processing disorder, ADD, and autism are all examples of conditions that create attention and learning struggles in both children and adults. The brain represents a common factor.

Chiropractic uniquely helps children with ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder by improving the function of the brain and central nervous system. Every chiropractic adjustment causes the central computer of the body to re-set. Ground-breaking research published in 2014 proved a direct link between the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system and significant improvements of children with ADHD. Chiropractic
increases the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system with every adjustment, which resulted in increased attention, processing, learning, and behavior. Children struggling to focus deserve to experience improved central nervous system function through better spinal and posture health.

Every human carries the innate ability to heal themselves. Science and research prove that interference in brain and nervous system function reduces health in adults and children. According to the Journal of Neurologic Health, health defines as the ability for the nervous system to send and receive nerve signals. This explains why and how chiropractors experience unique results for children with learning disorders. As children go back to school this year, many will be challenged with focus, attention, and processing problems. These children and their families have a natural healing opportunity through the benefits of chiropractic. Education continues to play a significant role in helping children and parents understand and utilize the scientific benefits of neurological based chiropractic.

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