Spinal Adjustments Improve Breathing and C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

The spine intimately connects with the central nervous system by way of tiny neurons scattered throughout small muscles, ligaments, discs, and joints in the back. Each vertebra requires freedom of motion in order for proper nervous system firing to travel into the brain. Any spinal misalignments will alter both the position and movement of a vertebra and interfere with communication from the brain to the body. Nervous system interference created by small vertebral misalignments, called subluxations, decrease a person’s ability to heal and adapt.

Chiropractors specialize and focus on detecting and correcting subluxations in the spine to allow maximized healing and function to occur. Chiropractors help men, women, and children around the world experience life at a greater potential by removing nervous system stress in the spine.

The central nervous system controls all autonomic functions. The autonomic nervous system steers vital functions that occur on autopilot. These functions include heartbeat, immune control,
breathing, pulse, respiration, and many others. The body requires consistent use of these functions without the owner’s permission or direction. In fact, all of these functions occur even while sleeping, in an altered state, or in a state of unconsciousness. Chiropractic care positively influences the autonomic functions that are protected by the spine and directed by the central nervous system. Many patients receiving a chiropractic adjustment for the first-time report experiencing improvements with their sleep, energy, digestion, and breathing. These outcomes represent signs of improved autonomic system influence and include a few of the many benefits achieved through chiropractic which are seemingly unrelated to the spine.

A groundbreaking study in 2016 evaluated how spinal adjustments influence autonomic function. The research showed that spinal adjustive care produced improvements in patients with C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Significant improvements in lung function and exercise capacity were found in those who received spinal adjustments. The reasons for improvements found in this study can be explained through the connection between the spine, central nerve system, and autonomic functions.

Breathing and lung function have become an important topic over the last eighteen months. More people take interest in ways to improve health, breathing, and lung function without the use of drugs or surgery. The spine and nervous system play an important role in autonomic functions such as breathing.

Whether facing the challenge of dealing with the effects of COPD, breathing, sleep or energy, the autonomic nervous system directs function. Chiropractic uniquely influences all of them by directly improving function of the central and autonomic nervous system. Chiropractic continues to grow as a primary health care option that helps kids and adults achieve optimum levels of health and function without drugs or surgery. A healthier tomorrow begins with chiropractic.

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