Digestive Health Linked Directly to Spinal Health

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from the devastation of irritable bowel syndrome
(IBS). Experts estimate that approximately 15-20% of the world’s population suffers with some form of IBS.
Characteristics of IBS manifest differently in each individual. The number of IBS sufferers continues to increase
while the cause continues to plague doctors and experts throughout the world.

An aspect overlooked by almost all medical care professionals is the relationship between spinal health
(nervous system communication) and digestive health. Some experts spend time researching nutrients and
foods-based causes. Others look for a connection between emotional health and the bowels. Very few
researchers or professionals are aware of the
SPINE-GUT relationship.

Research from 2007 proved a direct link between the structure
and function of the neck and the health of the gastro-intestinal
system. Science backing this study shows that irritation
(subluxation) of the cervical vertebrae interferes with the
nervous system by reaching the brain cortex and creating a
sympathetic irritability. Heightened irritability in the nervous
system leads to unwanted symptoms in a number of areas,
including digestion. Relaxation of the nervous system promotes
proper digestion and efficient absorption and removal of waste.

Chiropractors see TREMENDOUS results with patients suffering
from digestive complaints through the power of removing
nervous system interference with specific spinal adjustments.
Rather than surgical or medicinal solutions to a symptom, a
Chiropractic adjustment serves to promote optimal nervous
system health. The removal of interference to the nervous
system allows the body to heal and function as designed.

Far too many people do not fully understand and experience the vast benefits of Chiropractic care. Scientific
research shows the significance of spinal health and drives home the importance of why EVERY family
deserves the right to have their spine and nervous system health evaluated by a Chiropractor on a regular
basis. Digestive health represents one of the countless ways that spinal adjustments help improve all aspects
of health.

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