How to Get Abs Fast: 8 Great Tips

How to Get Abs Fast: 8 Great Tips


Did you know that as many as 39% of people gained weight during the pandemic?

We get it, the pandemic wasn’t too kind to health enthusiasts. We all collectively watched as we got bigger stomachs while quarantines put us inside, and Uber eats delivery kept us there. The first casualty among many was our ab workouts.

Getting abs is perhaps the pinnacle of looking fit and healthy. They make you beach-ready and are a huge plus for your significant other. The question is how to get abs fast.

In this guide, we’ll discuss 8 great tips to keep in mind in addition to your existing ab exercises.

1. How to Get Abs Fast: Don’t Neglect Your Diet

Building muscle and getting that dream six-pack doesn’t matter if you can’t see it in the first place. Excess fat has to go somewhere, and it tends to concentrate in a handful of key areas. One of these is your gut.

Before you even start with the ab exercises, you need to get body fat down. Create a diet–and avoid diet myths–to cut down on gut fat so you get a nice showcase for your abs when you get them. Avoid sugars, reduce unhealthy fats, and get into the habit of eating healthy carbs.

2. Keep a Steady Supply of Protein

Following the last point, you’ll want to have an ample supply of protein in your diet. Contrary to popular belief, protein isn’t just for bodybuilders who want stacked muscles. It’s a key nutrient for building lean muscles such as abs, too.

Protein takes a lot of energy to break down and creates a lot of heat in the process. This not only supplies your budding muscles, but helps to burn off that excess fat that’s getting in the way.

Focus on lean protein, such as lean beef or legumes. If you’re into powder, then investing in high-quality mixes may make a huge difference.

3. Stay Hydrated

Ab workouts have a tendency of being some of the most painful exercises around. A good set can leave you wheezing on the floor and make your stomach ache for days. While this is a good sign of progress, too much pain and discomfort could postpone your regularly-scheduled abs day.

Water prevents painful cramps that could put an end to a series of crunches. Make it a habit to keep a water bottle on hand, and use it as an excuse to get up and move more often. Frequent water consumption can also help to lose weight, so it’s a win-win on your quest for abs.

4. Put Emphasis on Weight Loss Workouts

It might seem like the answer to quick abs is an obvious one: just do crunches until you drop dead! But as you may have noticed, weight loss and body fat reduction are just as important for getting abs.

Fortunately, there are a lot of exercises that you can do for weight loss. You can’t do abs every day, so sprinkle a few weight loss-focused exercises on other muscle group days. Being fit and healthy means a lot more when you devote the proper time to all muscle groups, anyway.

5. Strengthen Your Core

Abs are just the tip of the iceberg. The group of muscles that band your torso–known as your core–create a solid base upon which to build your new abs. Without a strong core, ab exercises may go to waste.

Find some core exercises that work for you. These can be leg lifts, planks, or reverse crunches. Core exercises don’t just help with abs, they create stronger balance and stability overall.

6. Include Some Weight

When you think of ab workouts, you probably imagine a yoga mat and body-weight exercises. Too many people neglect the need for weighted exercises. Repetitions are great for defining your abs, but weights are what create the bulk that really makes them pop.

You don’t need anything fancy, here. Adding a barbell or disc weight while doing sit-ups or crunches work just fine, and you can employ the help of resistance bands if you so desire. Your local gym may have a sitting ab machine, ideal for those who prioritize simplicity over all else.

7. Do Cardio

Abs and cardio are inextricably connected, believe it or not. Running or biking not only helps with weight loss, but builds your endurance so you can tolerate more sets. It will do wonders when it comes to slimming belly fat, too.

Make sure that cardio doesn’t come right before your ab workouts, and you’re good to go. Switch up the cardio so you get a well-rounded workout. A post-workout run is a great way to loosen up your muscles and sweat it out.

8. Get Enough Sleep

This is a good rule for life in general, but year after year, statistics show that people are extremely sleep-deprived. You might skip out on sleep for some more me time, but know that it comes with a heavy cost. And if you’re on a warpath to get the abs that you deserve, reducing your shut-eye is about the worst thing you can do.

Sleep is your body’s prime time to repair and rebuild. Too few hours of proper sleep will prevent the micro tears in muscle tissue from healing after an intense ab session. That, and it reduces the energy you’ll have to survive the next session.

Build a Health Plan With a ChiroThin Doctor

How to get abs fast has a lot more do to with lifestyle changes than with the ab exercises themselves. Dieting, staying hydrated, and even getting enough sleep all play a role in getting the abs you want. You’ll be building muscle in no time if you keep the above tips in mind.

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