Spinal Adjustment Provide a Better Alternative than Drugs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress from the body’s central processing system, better known as the nervous system. The nervous system directs function throughout the entire body meaning Chiropractic influences much more than just the spine. Gentle Chiropractic adjustments to the neck and spine help patients overcome organ system challenges including: digestive problems, fertility issues, immune function difficulties, heart disease, and many other conditions. Eliminating nervous system interference reduces stress and optimizes function in the brain and central nervous system. Research continues to explore and reveal the amazing influences spinal adjustments produce on numerous symptoms and conditions.


Research done in 2012 evaluated the use of drugs to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) when compared to the effectiveness of spinal adjustive care. Irritable bowel syndrome manifests as a gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal pain, altered stool form or stool passage, and bleeding. Over 15% of the world’s population struggles with IBS and the majority turn to drugs for treatment. The 2012 research randomly divided 210 patients with irritable bowel syndrome into two groups. Half of the patients received spinal adjustments and the other were treated with medication.


Patients receiving spinal adjustments experienced significantly different outcomes compared to those who were given drug therapy. 88% of spinal care patients reported experiencing excellent results, 10% reported experiencing good results, and none reported experiencing poor results. Only 28% of the medicated group reported experiencing excellent results and 21% experienced poor results.


The majority of people suffering with IBS also struggle with abnormal spinal health and back pain. Many IBS sufferers do not understand the relationship between their spinal health and digestion. Chiropractic adjustments do not simply treat back pain or IBS. Proper spinal care focuses on reducing misalignments in that spine that interfere with central nervous system and brain function. Creating an optimal environment of health produces incredible digestive health improvements for those suffering from IBS and many other conditions.


Chiropractors continue to build on over 120 years of research and evidence linking overall health improvement to the condition of the spine. Chiropractic uses the latest science and research to provide evidence for health professionals who seek to provide the highest levels of care to their patients. People suffering from IBS deserve a better option than powerful pharmaceutical drugs that provide temporary relief at the expense of long term side effects. The future of optimal health care begins with awareness and education about the safest and most effective solutions to better function. Chiropractic provides the most effective option for long term healing and recovery.

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