Brushing and Flossing the Spine

Flossing and brushing teeth prevents cavities, tooth degeneration, and oral disease. The majority of people, including kids, incorporate this activity into their daily routine both morning and night. Routine visits to a dentist for check-ups and deep cleaning further prevent plaque build-up, cavities, and tooth decay. The same concept applies to the health and longevity of the spine and nervous system. Daily movement, proper posture, adequate hydration, and regular Chiropractic adjustments prevent nervous system imbalances and spinal degeneration.


Gravity stresses the spine and posture much like foods and sugars stress the health of teeth through the build-up of plaque. The health of the spine and nervous system constantly endures the influence of various daily stressors. The American Institute of Stress reports that 44 percent of Americans feel more stressed today than they did just five years ago. Physical and physiological stress influence children and adults of all ages and increase the need for consistent Chiropractic care for every family member.


Spinal structure, ligament stability, and muscle strength provide protection and adaptation to gravity’s consistent weight. The spine and nervous system require proper care and maintenance to withstand gravitational forces. Tooth and oral health influence the mouth but remain largely isolated to one area of the body. Spinal health influences virtually every organ and bodily function because the spinal cord and nervous system operate within these bones.


Chiropractic plays a vital role in all humans achieving and maintaining a healthy life because the brain and body communication network connects through the spine. A study published in 2011 proved that regular and consistent Chiropractic adjustments improve lifelong quality of life while preventing spine and nervous system degeneration. Everybody wants a great smile and good oral health. But a healthy spine, posture, and nervous system will improve every aspect of human performance and wellness. People who acquire and maintain a healthy spine and nervous system lowered their risk of disease and reduced the amount of money spent out of pocket for symptom and disease treatment. Regular Chiropractic care increases quality of life and reduces disease treatment costs over the course of a lifetime.


An advantage of dental care rests in the visibility of teeth and gums. People often take their spinal health for granted because they cannot visually see the condition of their nervous system. People would surely invest time and care into the condition of their spine if the nervous system were visible for all to see. Chiropractors intend to educate people on just how much the spine influences health and function so that all people understand that optimal health does not need to deteriorate to the point of pain and symptoms before being addressed. Chiropractors embrace this challenge. Too many people believe that pain first indicates a problem within the body. The truth exists in learning that stress triggers a state of disease long before pain surfaces. High blood pressure often erupts into health conditions that no one saw coming. True health for people of all ages begins with a properly functioning nervous system and a pro-active understanding that the body is fully capable of battling stress and disease without pills and surgery if the spine is taken care of properly. Adopting routine Chiropractic adjustments into a health care plan insures an opportunity for maximized living.


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