5 Easy-Low Sodium Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning With

Today, 90% of people in the United States are exceeding their daily sodium intake. When you have too much sodium, it can lead to problems like high blood pressure, heart attack, and heart disease.

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s only right that you begin limiting the amount of sodium that you have at the breakfast table.

This is important, since people often load up on things like bacon, sausage, and eggs for breakfast. There are some great breakfast ideas you can try out that cut out the sodium for a healthier heart and overall life.

Try these low sodium breakfast recipes when you are looking for ideas.


Cooked Quinoa


When you’re looking for breakfast recipes, cooked quinoa can end up on the list for several reasons. Not only is it a low sodium breakfast idea, but quinoa also has so many different vital nutrients.

It offers an incredible amount of fiber which is great for your heart and your digestion. You will also take in several excellent nutrients like magnesium, iron, protein, and folate

You can enjoy quinoa as a savory or sweet food.


A Bowl of Fruit


When in doubt, you will never go wrong with a nice, big bowl of fruit. Not only is fruit low in sodium, but you also take in several nutrients that will help power and energize your day. This includes Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

Eating lots of fruit will also reduce your blood pressure levels and help you have a healthier heart.

It’s a versatile and healthy breakfast that you will never get tired of because of all the options. You can choose between things like blueberries, strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon, and kiwi.


Bananas and Granola


Granola is also excellent for your heart and can help lower your blood pressure. Throw some bananas in the mix and you have a delicious, low sodium, heart healthy meal that you can appreciate any day.

This food will digest slowly, giving you plenty of energy for hours. You won’t be so quick to load up on coffee when you have this food powering you to start your day.

There also several different high quality granola options you can choose between, including grainless and whole grain. You can also try granola that is infused with high protein and Omega-3 rich hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds.

It’s a way to get lots of breakfast calories in the healthiest way possible.


Oatmeal and Fruit


When in doubt, oatmeal also is an excellent breakfast option for you to look into. It fills your stomach, lowers blood pressure, and can help keep you in a calm and productive mood.

You can also add a wide variety of fruit to top off your oatmeal and make it as delicious as you would like. Consider getting some organic honey to go with it. It is the type of breakfast that you can enjoy to your heart’s content without having to worry about the sodium content.


Avocado Toast


If you like a savory breakfast, avocado toast is also an excellent option. It gives you a nice combination of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado is a heart healthy fruit that is an easy topping to spread on whatever bread you like.

Consider looking into a whole grain bread option that also includes seeds. Toast the bread to your liking, slice open an avocado, and spread it across the bread with your choice of toppings and garnishes. This is a filling meal that will hold you over until lunch time and also is an incredibly low in sodium.

Avocados also have anti-aging properties and are also considered by many to hold the fountain of youth because of their antioxidants. It is excellent for your skin and will give you plenty of energy each day.


A Protein Smoothie


If you need something quick and healthy when you are on the go, protein smoothies provide an excellent option. Pick your choice of protein powder, making sure that you closely examine the ingredients list. Find out whether the protein comes from hemp, weigh, peas, or any other kind of protein.

Find out how many grams of protein are included in each serving. Once you have found the right powder, you can put together a protein smoothie that you will appreciate. This can include things like mixed fruit, bananas, sliced almonds, peanut butter, and a variety of other selections.

Protein smoothies don’t have a lot of sodium, will give you much of your required protein intake each day, have lots of fiber to keep you full, and will give you the energy that you need to make it through your morning with no problem.

Getting a daily protein smoothie is a daily lifestyle change that everyone can make.


Homemade Applesauce


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is the motto that people have passed down for years. This low sodium treat comes packed with Vitamin C, and helps to lower your blood pressure.

You can easily make your own applesauce in a slow cooker, and can flavor it with cinnamon or any other spice you like. Eat it cold or hot to get your day started on the right note.


Whole Wheat Pancakes


Whole wheat is also great for your heart health. If you typically enjoy pancakes for breakfast, consider making a whole wheat substitute. Doing this will help you keep your heart as healthy as possible while getting lots of digestive fiber to get you the energy you need everyday.

You can substitute the typical grocery store pancake syrup for authentic maple syrup or other options like agave syrup or honey.


Enjoy a Low Sodium Breakfast


These tips are useful when you’re trying to add a low sodium breakfast to your daily ritual. If breakfast is your most important meal, you will always have a chance at health and nutrition when you start your day with these options.

These breakfast ideas are also excellent for anyone currently on their weight loss journey. For further help, the Chirothin Weight Loss Program is designed to help you get results.

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