Seasonal Germs DO NOT Exist: Chiropractic Provides Year Round Protection

The media perpetuates the idea in which a supposed flu season exists for a window of time and people must weather through it each year. Vaccine and drug companies spend millions of dollars creating the misconception that a period of time takes place every year where people become more susceptible to the flu and sickness. These same companies make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits when their tactics lead people to fearfully and anxiously spend money on various pills and injections which carry no guarantee or certainty of sickness prevention. The truth remains that the body will always encounter germs on a second by second basis and many possess the capability to create cold and flu-like symptoms. The key variable in a world full of invisible germs does not come from drugs and pills but in the body’s ability to combat and fight these invaders.


The body carries incredible innate resilience potential when facing germs. The body adapts and overcomes sickness amidst countless environmental variables. One family member gets the flu or a cold and another does not. One co-worker succumbs to sickness and another does not. The difference rests in the health potential being exhibited by one person and not in the other. When two or more people encounter bugs and germs, the people whose immunity levels function at the highest levels become less susceptible to falling ill.

Two key preventative measures outweigh all pills, drugs, and vaccines. The first tactic involves avoiding the contact and ingestion of germs as much as possible. Hand washing, house cleaning, and avoiding densely populated areas of sick people will enable the body to better fight battles against a lower quantity of germs and bugs. The reality of most lifestyles still dictates the impossibility of completely avoiding illness-causing pathogens. The second tactic consists of maximizing the body’s ability to adapt and fight invading entities.


Many ways exist which produce a proven increase in natural defense against germs and sickness. Numerous studies reflect the health benefits that come from proper nutrition and lifestyle habits that include reducing sugar intake, remaining active during colder weather, and getting ample sleep each night. Sugar decreases the power of the immune system. Sleep provides the best opportunity for the body to target sickness and repair the body. An active lifestyle keeps blood pumping and prevents the body from becoming a docile breeding ground for germs.


Chiropractic provides one of the most powerful resources to improve immunity and adaptation. A chiropractic adjustment reduces stress in the nervous system, so the body can easily recognize, surround, attack, and eliminate germ influence on the body.


One indicator which reflects how well the body combats infections presents in the amount of immunoglobulin carried in the blood stream. The immune system uses these antibodies to neutralize pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Research findings from a study published in 2011 showed spinal adjustments increased a specific immunoglobulin responsible for fighting off specific pathogens that contributed to infectious illness. The study further explains why Chiropractic patients achieve stronger immunity and defense against illness. Over 120 years of Chiropractic research proves that no substitute exists for the natural health potential available in a well-functioning nervous system.


Germs operate year-round.  Optimal health results from a proactive approach which includes a nutrition plan, exercise, rest, and regular Chiropractic care. Pills and injections cannot replace the body’s incredible power to fight infectious disease all year round when given the chance to operate at peak levels of performance.

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