“Excellent service, good insight into my condition. No pressure to do what was recommended.”

– Craig C.

“Dr. Aldridge is kind and flexible. He really cares about helping people feel their best. I also appreciate the newsletter with valuable information for my family’s overall health.”
– Renae C.

“You did great Mark.”
– Otto A.

“I am pleased with this place. I have being taking care of. Dr. Aldridge has been committed to help me out with my back problems. He is attentive to my needs. The staff has been great giving me instructions, scheduling and the attention that I need. I’m grateful for finding this place for my treatment.”

– Val V.

“I wrote you a letter but it came back, bad address, I guess. I thank you so much for all that you did for me. My bad shoulder required more care than a chiro could do. Had a MRI…bursitis, osteoarthritis and bone spur. Needed a cortisone shot. I use chiro only when I need it and don’t plan on once a month visits. Thx.”
– Jodee

“I’ve been under Dr. Aldridge’s care for 4 weeks and I could hardly walk due to back problems. The pain got better little by little as the weeks passed, and now happy to report I’m at least 95% free of pain! I never really expected chiropractic services could have this kind of effect on my pain. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”
– Johnny J.

“Very prompt. The evaluation was thorough. The office atmosphere is clean, professional, and friendly.”
– Kelly A.

“Visit was very good. I look forward to my next visit.”
– Jensen A.

“I can’t believe how much better my back feels after just one visit. They did such a fabulous job.”
– Heather S.

“Always listens to my symptoms! Willing to go extra mile to help me heal! Welcoming staff!”
– Dianne

“I saw Dr. Aldridge ad in the paper that he specialized in helping those with back pain and Sciatica pain. My pain was terrible and blamed it on Sciatic, which it was and he gave great treatment and now I can walk again without the terrible pain. They were very professional and I recommend their help.”
– Letha

“Dr. Aldridge is a fantastic Chiropractor. I had a wonderful experience when I went to see him. I would highly recommend him!”
– Jason