Kim Wright Avatar

Whenever we go to Aldridge Chiropractic we overwhelmed with their great care. Aldridge Chiropractics is a place I definitely recommend.

Kim Wright 7 months ago
Lin Avatar

Dr. Aldridge is very gifted in chiropractic treatments. He is very caring, too. I always feel better after my maintenance treatments!

Lin 8 months ago
Daniela Beck Avatar

Dr Aldridge was amazing! He’s so knowledgeable! Great staff and great services. My back feels so much better

Daniela Beck 8 months ago
Richard Winters Avatar

I had app sorts of issues before coming here. Still do but I have seen so much progress that I am excited to keep coming. It is a night and day difference. They have always accommodate my often hectic schedule and I appreciate the great service of doctor Aldridge.

Richard Winters 8 months ago
Andrew Bumstead Avatar

My back went out for the first time ever-I couldn’t stand or walk without severe pain. Dr Aldridge was able to make a huge difference with just one adjustment. I was able to function again with minimal pain! He was very attentive and kind. I would highly recommend him! I am so thankful he could help.

Andrew Bumstead 10 months ago
George Yaede Avatar

I've been going to Aldridge Chiropractic for some 3 yrs now. I have a body type that goes out of adjustment every 2 weeks some I get in and out fast and feeling better. Beside being reasonable priced they have a great variety of equipment that I like to use from time to time. Highly recommend.

George Yaede 10 months ago